How much does it take to run a network like this per month or year?

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Some of the heirs asked How much money does it take per month, week or day to run a network like this? We get from 50,000-150,000 visitors per month. Over one hundred thousand increased our web hosting bills. The truth of the matter is that we are reaching more heirs since we were abandoned by Fowler and Morganroth. Soon we think all will join us.

For over 9 years one person the founder has funded the cost of the website for you. A website cannot run for free and it cannot be paid for anymore solely by one (or less than what you can count on one hand).

The Voice of Change Network does not have staffing expenses, nor office expenses, and the work is done by a few volunteers heirs seeking justice because they believe we are right. But we do have costs and that changes as we grow. 

We are strictly funded by you and rely upon you to help keep the website, articles, emails going out. But not enough is coming in.



Currently, the amount of heirs subscribed to emails is 2,964 which does not include those who share the same email address and includes some duplicates. But we estimate close to 5,000 heirs are being reached and that number is growing every day. Click here to read why we went to a subscription based service.

March 2022 Transparency Report:  

Income: In August the total donations received over the last 8 years was only $478.97 or $79.82 per year. Since August 2021 we only received $1500.00 or $125 per month. For the last two months, we have barely received anything. 


But to operate the website and services it cost us a minimum at the moment $10,557 per year which is why we say our goal is to raise $1,000 per month. (it is less than 1% ( actual is 0.23) of what Fowler made) The breakdown of expenses is below. We are in debt over $25,000. Initial startup costs $5,100 plus web design, graphic design, marketing ($7912.92) totaling over $13,000. In August when we lost the law firms and the coalition joined us upgrades cost us another $5,000 plus throughout the year’s maintenance and repairs.  

Breakdown of Expenses:

Website Server 

(like your home PC on steroids) costs $150 a month at the moment but we require an upgrade which would take us to $250 per month / $3,000 per year. This is why:

We have a high amount of traffic per month on the website: Sometimes over 100,000 visits per month, the average is between 50,000 and up. Bandwidth is over 300GB per month. Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred between visitors per month. Storage is over 100GB. This includes programs that make the website work, send out emails, security, images, video, etc. Each of these things costs and when we go over the limit, the price goes up, or the website crashes. Still, we see the crashes when we go over the limit, you may get website not available or 500 Server error.  March 2022 Statistics:

The Voice of Change
The Voice of Change
The Voice of Change

Tools and Software for the website cost us:

Email Subscription – sending service: $299 per month based on the volume of emails sent each month, and the number of contacts plus integration into the website. (If we only have 300 contacts then the service would be a lot less but we have a lot of subscribers)

The Voice of Change

Translation Service: The Coalition asked us to do a lot of changes to the website, it cost us thousands of dollars to accommodate them. One service is translation service called WPML. The cost is $199 per month to have the functionality and translation service available.

Domain Renewal  $70 per year

Security Software & Service from  $2099 per year / $175 a month

The Voice of Change

Website Maintenance – Webdesign, Fixing Website Problems – varies but on average is about $250 per month, sometimes more depending on the problem and how much the consultant charges per hour to fix it. 

Other Miscellaneous Expenses – Up to $100-$250 + or more per month some are more depending on the types of services we use to help maintain the site and projects or initiatives. For example the bar association complaints costs $2.50 per user for the first 100 then it increases.

But some will say you can get a website hosting for $150 per month. Sure when a small online shop has a very small amount of traffic under 500 visits / clicks per month and don’t need emails sent out, nor have security, translations or other functions. When you grow above 500, it starts costing $35-150 per month or more based on traffic and bandwidth. When you get as big as we have gotten in traffic, then only for website hosting is a minimum of $250 or more per month. This is why we say we can take everything away go back to nothing, and then soon we have people complaining the website is down and you will not get weekly updates in your email box, nor would you be able to ask questions online or do the other things. 

No one is profiting from anything here, the VOCN is losing money at the moment and a lot of it very fast.

If we are ever making a profit and paid off the debt, then we will contribute the extra toward causes that helps advance the heirs goals, like new legislation etc.

We are trying to reach out in other Hispanic Latino projects to build a bigger base, and get more support. and do advertising.

Now we are helping the coalition. First of all the Coalition is getting a free service, if they would have to pay for someone to design a website and pay for hosting, some how that would have to passed a long or someone would have to pay for it. It would take them months to get this going and organized yet alone to have Spanish translations. We paid thousands to accommodate their features.

So if you ever see a subscription or donation page or a item for sale in our store, please remember you have been getting a free service with a wealth of information and support. Let’s stay positive, together we can make things happen, if we unite together and not divide.


The Voice of Change Network

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This post is also available in: English