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To handle the server load we ask only 500 people sign up per week.

Total Subscribers for the current week = less than 500

Please go ahead and make your subscription today below


  1. VERY IMPORTANT – if you choose a subscription level 2 or higher you need to manually subscribe for email alerts if you want them.
  2. After your payment be sure to click here and add your name to a new email update alert subscription (free to those who subscribe to Level 2 or higher)
  3. For email subscription + some projects/initiatives choose Digital level 2 or higher (because it costs to send out emails & provide services (click)
  4. For full access choose Premium level 5 or higher.
  5. You need to choose a strong password, not like 123456 or jose45 or icecream, but something strong like [email protected]#9^Mi#XLw. Don’t forget it – you will probably have to save the password in a text file and paste it (Ctrl-V) in the password field. You can use a secure FREE generator like LastPass 
  6. We DO NOT accept a credit or debit card with a pin, because someone can steal your pin from your PC or your browser it is unsecure. See Step #12
  7. Don’t forget to enter your credit card CVV code & expire date, a common mistake that blocks transactions click here for step by step instructions. Help on this topic by clicking the red help button in the bottom right corner look Click here for alternative card ideas
  8. VIP membership is available for memberships over $150 see below – VIP’s help support the VOCN in a greater way and are VIP VOCN Members*
  9. *Signup Fee only occurs one time non recurring (used to cover new subscriber processing fees), subscriptions automatically renew every year, don’t forget write it in next years calendar to avoid unnecessary chargeback fees.
  10. Since our enemies are trying to hinder our justice, we must protect information that could potentially damage our case by making it visible only to subscribed heirs. We ask you to keep (all) information shared with your family confidential so that it does not hamper our future litigation, legislation, or other projects that will help us obtain our justice.  
  11. From time to time will be a discounted offer.
  12. If you do not have a credit card please ask your bank for a debit card or prepaid debit card (Visa/Mastercard) (without a pin)


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Question: Is our payment processor Stripe secure ? YES it is the most secure in the world click here to learn more *the VOCN does not collect any information it is done only through Stripes secure form.

*VIP’s get more. Special articles, access to Priority Support, access to Q&A forum. Most VIP’s also get involved as volunteers and have access to VOCN staff and other volunteers. We are building a new volunteer base, why not become a VIP VOCN Member today.

Please note it was the recommendation of the coalition to help support the expenses of the VOCN to go to a recurring donation for $5-$10 per month. Our expenses exceed $1,000 per month to keep services available like email alerts, translation, security, and web hosting traffic. They only way we can continue our efforts to help the heirs is to go to a subscription based network for less than $2.50 or $4.16 per month. If you want to understand our expenses and why it costs us so much, please click here to see copies of our monthly bills and details.

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This post is also available in: English Español (Spanish)